Nintendo Switch Repair Service Wide Care Launched in Japan

It's fairly priced too!

Nintendo Switch Repair Service Wide Care Launched in Japan
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Nintendo finally addressed the service problem with Nintendo products – the Switch in particular. Nintendo Switch Repair Service titled “Wide Care” is now available in Japan. Not anywhere else in the world but Japan only. The joy-con drift issue is a nuisance on the Nintendo Switch, and thousands of users face it daily.

An avid gamer will promptly say that the joy-cons suffer from stick-drift after a while. Earlier, there wasn’t a proper repair program in place, which caused trouble for many Nintendo Switch lovers. But with the new Wide Care repair service by Nintendo, gamers can opt for professional repairing and part replacement.

What does the Nintendo Switch Repair Service Wide Care service offer?

Nintendo offers a solution of pulling apart the joycons and adding new ones. But the problem is why buy a new pair of joy-cons for $40 or more when they can be repaired for a lot less. The company first announced that joycons would be available for purchase in 2020. However, it now seems to have realized that repair is much cheaper.

According to IGN, the repair service will cost around $1.5 per month, just ¥200 in Japan. For that meager amount, you can avail hardware repair services for all the hardware two times a year. Subscribers will get a maximum of 6 repair services per year. “Wide Care covers all Nintendo Switch hardware (standard and Lite) plus Joy-Con controllers, the TV dock, and AC adapters for any natural breakdowns or accidental damage,” VGC reported.

Nintendo Switch Repair Service Wide Care
Image: Pexels

Nintendo has set a maximum repair amount that each user will get. Nintendo users in Japan can use the service to claim hardware repair costs of up to ¥100,000 in a year. It is a great approach by the gaming brand to take care of its customer’s problems.

Moreover, it will save a lot of money from the user’s end, which could be invested in many things (including new games). IGN confirmed that Nintendo doesn’t intend to extend the Wide Care service to other countries.

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