Nintendo Switch Pirate Faces Over 3 Years Of Prison Time

Nintendo at it again!

Nintendo Switch Pirate Faces Over 3 Years Prison Time
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A U.S. court has sentenced a Nintendo Switch Pirate to 40 months in jail in another piracy case. The infamous Nintendo Switch hacker, Gary Browser, was nabbed for selling hacking kits on the internet. The Browser was also arrested in 2020 for selling hacking software that allowed users to play pirated Nintendo Switch games.

Meanwhile, Browser’s legal troubles began in 2020, when Nintendo filed several suits in pursuit of shutting down hacking groups. Nintendo is adamant about curbing hacking in the gaming industry and preventing future breaches of gaming software. Furthermore, Nintendo has filed many suits against hacking groups UberChips and Team Xecuter.

More on Browser and Nintendo’s lawsuit

Gary Browser, the infamous Nintendo Switch hacker, has pled guilty and confessed to working with Team Xecuter from 2013 to 2020. Meanwhile, the lawsuit claimed that the Nintendo Switch hacker had been hacking Nintendo consoles for over 7 years. With a career spanning 7 years, the Nintendo Switch pirate has helped hack over 79 million devices. Devices include Nintendo 3DS, Nintendo Switch, and Nintendo Switch Light consoles.

Interestingly, it was previously reported that Nintendo Switch pirate Gary Browser would receive up to 50 months in prison. However, after pleading guilty in November 2021, Browser was forced to pay $4.5 million in restitution and fines.

Meanwhile, in a press release by Nintendo through the Business wire, Nintendo thanked the authorities saying, “tireless efforts of federal prosecutors and law enforcement agencies to curb illegal activity on a global scale that causes serious harm to Nintendo and the video game industry.”

According to the court documents, Nintendo has seemingly lost $65 million due to the group’s activities and the adamant hacking. While this is not the first time, Nintendo has suited anyone exploiting its property. Last year, Nintendo filed a lawsuit against RomUniverse and won and was awarded $2.1 million in damages.

Hacking in the gaming industry is a severe issue. Along with pirated games, hackers and pirates also steal sensitive and personal information, being a menace and disrupting the market; while also damaging the developers’ efforts.

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