This Rare ‘Nintendo Playstation’ Has Already Crossed $300,000 In Bidding War

This Rare ‘Nintendo Playstation’ Has Crossed $300,000 In Bidding War
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There exists one of the kind ‘Nintendo Playstation’ that never came to life because Nintendo walked out of its deal with Sony in 1991. Years later, the same Nintendo PlayStation prototype is up for auction with the highest bid of $310,000 currently.

As we are writing this, there are still 21 days left until the auction ends. So, we can only imagine how insanely high the bid can go for the Nintendo PlayStation.

According to the Video Game History Foundation’s Kelsey Lowen, the prototype console has already become the most expensive video game item ever.

The previous record-holder was the test market copy of Super Mario Bros, which was sold for $100,150. So, this rarest Nintendo Playstation prototype is already way past that mark.

Also, it’s no surprise that people are going crazy over this prototype. The current owner Teddy Diebold, who came by this gem at a bankruptcy auction, has already turned down the $1.2 million offer for it.

What’s even surprising is that Diebold didn’t exactly know what the Nintendo PlayStation was when he bought it. He realized its worth through a Reddit post.

Diebold has decided to finally let go of Nintendo Playstation after holding on to it for years. That is because traveling and showcasing the video game was becoming quite expensive for him.

I can’t keep losing money. I’ve put a lot of work into this by traveling with it, and we have made nothing on it. Every trip that we have taken with it has cost us money out of pocket.” said Diebold to Kotaku.

Shivam Gulati

Shivam Gulati

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