ExaDrive DC100: World’s Highest Capacity SSD Breaks “100TB” Mark


It was only last month when Samsung launched the world’s highest capacity SSD PM1643 with a storage capacity of 30TB. Just a month later, the limit has been broken by Nimbus Data.

The storage company has announced their new 3D NAND Flash memory-based server SSD with a 100 TB capacity. In other words, it’s a digital warehouse that can store 200 million songs, 20,000 HD movies, or 2,000 iPhones worth of data.

Nimbus says DC100 consumes around 85% less power per TB than similar SSDs and delivers a 42% reduction in per TB ownership cost. It has been designed with a focus on capacity and efficiency rather than speed. That’s an important factor for enterprise storage devices because one can’t afford to lose such enormous amount of data. Still, it can deliver a read and write speed of 500MB/sec.

All of that storage comes in the standard 3.5″ form factor and a single rack of DC100 SSDs can bump the storage to 100 petabytes in data centers.

Nimbus said that their ExaDrive DC100 SSD, along with a lower capacity 50TB model, will go on sale in summers this year. For now, they’ve sent out testing units to potential customers. Its pricing will be similar to existing SSDs on a per TB basis. So, it won’t come cheap.

While massive storage solutions like this aren’t intended for everyday customers (after all, who needs it) but they’re surely give us a glance of the future. The rising capacity of data centers would help to store data on our devices less often.

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Aditya Tiwari

Aditya Tiwari

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