After Nigeria’s Twitter Ban, Trump Calls For Blockade In “More Countries”

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The famous microblogging platform Twitter is under a critical situation and has recently faced widespread criticism from different governments. Blocking the former U.S. president’s account to its ban in Nigeria and demanding alterations in India’s new IT rules, the famous free speech destination is hoping for a turn of events.

What happened recently in Nigeria?

Last week, Twitter removed a post from President Muhammadu’s account that referred to the country’s 30-month civil war in 1967-70 which warned: “Those who wanted the government to fail to desist from fomenting trouble.”

Post the deletion of the post, Twitter faced a lot of flak and was eventually suspended from all its operations in the country indefinitely.

Post the ban, the U.S. Ex-President congratulated the Nigerian officials on their proactive approach towards something which restricts free speech and the right to an opinion of individuals throughout the globe.

Trump further added that more and more countries should ban Facebook and Twitter for their one-sided approach. He also insisted on other blogging platforms to emerge in these situations and utilize the maximum time.

It is also noted that Facebook and Twitter recently banned trump, and such strong statements on Twitter can result from anger and disappointment.

Surprisingly, the Nigerian Government recently shifted to Koo – an Indian microblogging site. This step is necessarily a good incentive for the Indian platform, which also aims to flourish exponentially.

Twitter’s hurdle – Can it overcome this hostility?

While Twitter deeply regretted its ban from Nigeria, it is also to be noted that such implications arrive for a social platform when it is bound to keep the interest of so many people.

In India, removing the verified badge of the Vice President and later rectifying it to following the new guidelines by the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology shows the situation and its sustenance for survival in such a big market like India.

The microblogging site is supposed to introspect and undergo a drastic revamp, thereby alter its guidelines and principles for its smooth functioning. The company further needs to take care of multiple interests and act accordingly.

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