New WhatsApp Privacy Feature: Choose Who Can See You Online

WhatsApp is slowly catching up!


The most awaited feature for years has finally arrived: WhatsApp now lets you choose who can see your online status. The company announced a combo of three new privacy features.

So, let’s talk about these new WhatsApp privacy features of 2022 and see what impact they will bring in our digital lives. Another big update this year was the ability to transfer chats across Android and iOS.

Online Presence: Control who can see you online

New WhatsApp Privacy Featues IN 2022

This is undoubtedly one of the most helpful changes in years and will prevent many breakups. WhatsApp will soon let you choose whether you want all your contacts to see you’re ‘Online’ or just a limited number of people.

The feature will surely bring more privacy into our lives and end the anxiety people get when their friends seem busy and show up online on WhatsApp.

For reference, one of WhatsApp’s biggest competitors, Telegram, already has this feature across its instant messaging apps.

Silently exit a WhatsApp group.

It could be any day when you get invited to a WhatsApp group. And handling family groups is already a task in itself. But until now, you can’t escape the ground without getting noticed and only get pulled back into the group.

But the upcoming WhatsApp feature will let you existing a group silently. However, the group admin would get notified. So, the chances of you being re-invited to the family group are still there.

Screenshot blocking inside WhatsApp

People were relaxed when WhatsApp added the View Once functionality where they could send a photo or video as one-time watch media. The View Once media disappeared after the user exited the UI and couldn’t be forwarded either.

But people can still take screenshots. That’s WhatsApp will add a screenshot blocking feature for view once photos and videos. However, the company hasn’t given any release date for the feature.

So, that’s all about the new WhatsApp privacy features released in 2022. We’ll update you with more information as soon as these features go live in the stable build.

In the meantime, you can read the latest updates on the WhatsApp message deletion feature and saving disappearing messages.

Aditya Tiwari

Aditya Tiwari

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