How To Use New And Secret WhatsApp Font Right Now?


WHATSAPP SECRENT NEW FONTShort Bytes: A new secret font has been spotted in the instant messaging application WhatsApp. The font is known as FixedSys and it resembles the font used in the Notepad app in Microsoft Windows to a great extent.

A new hidden font feature has been spotted in the instant messaging client WhatsApp’s app for Android and iOS. The new Whatsapp secret front is known as FixedSys. This Notepad-like font could be activated using the backtick symbol ` present in the keyboard.

The secret WhatsApp font was rolled out for the beta version of the app but it is working for the stable version 2.16.133 too. You need to use the symbol three times before and after the text which you need to type in the FixedSys font.

Here is an illustration:

whatsapp secret font

Apart from the secret WhatsApp font, you can also decorate your text messages with other stuff as well.

Italicize the text by placing asterisks symbol before and after the text. For example, _fossBytes_

Make the text bold by placing the tilde symbol in a similar way. For example, *fossBytes*

Strike the line through the text by using underscore symbol before and after. For example, ~fossBytes~

Talking about other changes to WhatsApp, a couple of months ago, WhatsApp launched the much awaited end-to-end encryption feature. The feature allows users to send encrypted messages which could be read by the intended recipient only. Their owner, Facebook, soon went on similar lines and announced the Secret Conversations encryption feature.

Update: This article was updated on July 22, 2016, after correcting some mistakes notified by the users.

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Aditya Tiwari

Aditya Tiwari

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