How To Use New Photos App Features In iOS 12?


iOS 12 has some exciting new features and Apple has bought some phenomenal changes in the pre-loaded apps as well. One of the most prominent changes has been featured in the Photos app. Photos app has been changed dramatically with user convenience in mind.

Sharing photos with friends after a trip is now extremely easy. A ‘For You’ tab has been added in the app which has replaced the ‘Memories’ section which existed before this update. Searching photos has been made quite streamlined in the makeover of the photos app in iOS 12.

How to use iOS 12 Photos app?

Searching is not intelligent, and you can easily find the photos you are looking for. If you are still confused about the new interface of the ‘Photos’ app then here is everything you need to know to ward off your doubts.

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For You: Sharing Suggestions

Photos app in iOS 12 has added a new section called ‘Sharing Suggestions’ under the For You tab. Added with the aim of making sharing photos a child’s play, Sharing Suggestions gives you suggestions to share photos with your friends. If you have a familiar face in photos, then the app would prompt you to share photos with them otherwise “Share with friends?” option would appear.

When you share photos with your friends from the Sharing Suggestions, your friends will also be prompted to share photos from the same event, time, date or location. This way, you can complete your album of the vacation without asking your friends for your photos repeatedly.

The photos will be shared in full resolution, so you don’t have to worry about losing the clarity if you are using Sharing Suggestions feature.

How to use Sharing Suggestions Feature of Photos?

  1. Click on the albums displayed under sharing suggestions, and you will be taken to the photos.
  2. Now select the photos you want to share and click on ‘Next.’Sharing suggestions in ios 12
  3. Add contacts with whom you want to share photos and click on ‘Share in Messages.’

For You: MemoriesFor you Memories

Below the Sharing Suggestions in iOS 12 Photos app, you will find Memories section. This section contains various photos and videos you have captured and turns them into a memory. Clicking on the memory leads you to the photos of that particular memory. You can also play memories with the play button. A collage of different photos with a background music will start playing on the screen.

You can scroll to the end of the screen to view ‘Related’ memories. Moreover, you also have the option of adding any memory to ‘Favorite Memories,’ or you can delete memories as well.

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Intelligent Search Options in iOS 12 Photos AppSearch in Photos ios 12

The new iOS 12 photos app allows you to search for photos in an intelligent manner. Apple has considerably changed the way in which photos can be searched. Now you can see the relevant photos by typing in the location where the picture was clicked or any any other specific activity. You can also use multiple search terms to find relevant photos. With the help of device learning, the app will recognize the subject of your photos so as that you can search easily. It’s a lot like Google Photos.

Images are indexed in multiple ways such as time and location.

In the search tab, you will see photos categorized into places, categories and recently searched sections, which is a smart approach by Apple.


Photos app in iOS 12 is what users have wanted for so long. Robust searching, sharing suggestions and memories enhance the overall user experience. Now, in a real sense, you can organize your photos and search them later with ease. Though the features are in the beta version of iOS 12, we can expect the stable version of the software update to retain most of the features included in the photos app.

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