New Netflix Subscribers Aren’t Allowed To Pay Via iTunes. Here’s Why


After testing the move in many areas, Netflix has finally kicked the iTunes billing out of the picture. Now onwards, if you are looking to pay for Netflix subscription through your iTunes account, you will be redirected to Netflix’s own mobile website.

A Netflix spokesperson told that the company no longer support iTunes mode of payment. This only applies to new members, existing one can still use iTunes to pay for Netflix subscriptions.

The new change is also applicable to users who are “rejoining Netflix using an iOS device, after having canceled payment for at least one month”, writes VentureBeat.

Netflix initially tested “bypass the iTunes payment method” back in August, in at least 33 different markets. Prior to that, the company had already removed the Google Pay billing for Netflix for Android users in May.

Netflix isn’t the only one who is trying to stop Apple and Google from raking in the money from the app store purchases. Spotify also removed the iTunes as a mode of payment, back in July. Not to mention Epic Games, which bypassed the entire Google platform and asked users to download Fortnite for Android from their own website.

Slowly and steadily, all major app developers are breaking ties with Apple and Google Store. This is because of heavy tolls that the stores charge upon subscriptions, and profit made on the number of app downloads.

Presently, Apple and Google both take a 30 percent cut on the first year of a subscription, which goes down to 15 percent for subsequent years.

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Charanjeet Singh

Charanjeet Singh

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