“New” Microsoft Becomes Open Source King On GitHub, Beats Facebook And Google


microsoft-loves-open-sourceShort Bytes: At its GitHub Universe conference, GitHub released some interesting data in a report. The data shows that Microsoft has the most open source contributors on GitHub, followed by the likes of Facebook, Docker, Angular, and Google. For those wondering how it happened, over the course of past couple of years, Redmond has been open sourcing tons of code.

Under the leadership of Satya Nadella, Microsoft has emerged as a company that supports open source philosophy. The company has ditched its aggressive nature towards the very concept of open source and learned to embrace it.

In recent past, Microsoft open source Visual Studio Code, PowerShell, Edge JavaScript engine , and a lot more. While some open source and Linux enthusiasts continue to question Microsoft’s intentions, GitHub indicates otherwise.

GitHub, the hub of the open source programmers, has released new stats that share some of the highlights from the last twelve months. If you take a look at the list of companies with most employees contributing their code to open source projects hosted on GitHub, Microsoft steals the #1 crown with 16,419 contributors.

Redmond is followed by Facebook, another company that believes in developing new technologies and sharing their code. According to current stats, Facebook has 15,682 contributors, followed by Docker with 14,059, Angular with 12,841, and Google with 12,140.

Organizations with the most open source contributors

  1. Microsoft —  16,419
  2. Facebook  —  15,682
  3. Docker  —  14,059
  4. Angular  —  12,841
  5. Google  —  12,140
  6. Atom  —  9,698
  7. FortAwesome  —  9,617
  8. Elastic  —  7,220
  9. Apache  —  6,999
  10. Npm  —  6,815

It should be noted that this data is based on the publicly available information on GitHub. Many organizations use GitHub’s private mode to share their code. Still, when it comes to open source, this data indicates that Microsoft isn’t just preaching.

If you take a look at the list of top repositories with the most open source contributors, Microsoft’s Visual Studio Code marks its presence with 5,885 contributors.

Repositories with the most open source contributors

  1. FortAwesome/Font-Awesome  —  10,654
  2. docker/docker  —  8,253
  3. npm/npm  —  7,041
  4. jlord/patchwork  —  6,806
  5. facebook/react-native  —  6,250
  6. Microsoft/vscode  —  5,855
  7. atom/atom  —  5,745
  8. FreeCodeCamp/FreeCodeCamp  —  5,622
  9. angular/material  —  4,355
  10. angular/angular  —  4,217

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