New Meta Headset Coming In October, Zuckerberg Announces Date

Metaverse in inching closer to reality!

Metaverse, Meta Headset, and Project Cambria
Image: Facebook

Ever since the drastic company name change, Meta has been pivoting in a whole new direction. While the rest of the products focus on real-world social communities, Zuckerberg is trying to build a virtual social platform. There’s no company bigger than Meta which is rooting for Metaverse. Coincidentally, they named their product Metaverse, which ended up causing a lot of confusion among those who aren’t accustomed to the world of virtual reality or mixed reality.

After a year of the hubbub, Zuckerberg yesterday announced on Facebook that the Meta Connect event would occur on 11 October 2022. Surprisingly, there were no further details except for a single line, “See you at Meta Connect on Oct 11.”

Metaverse, Meta Headset & Project Cambria

On October 11, there could be many big reveals, including the new VR headset called “Project Cambria’. Zuckerberg posted the image and the post in which he was wearing a pristine white Meta headset. It is designed to offer a mixed reality experience with cameras that would blend the real world with the virtual one. Meta even shared a video sometime back showcasing what the audience could do in Metaverse.

Meta headset
Image: Facebook/Mark Zuckerberg

Zuckerberg has a lot of money riding on this new Metaverser venture which is costing the company $10 billion per year. Recently, Zuckerberg shared an image of himself taking a selfie in Metaverse, which sparked huge criticism from the netizens. Very few appreciated the washed-out, unappealing image that lacked any depth whatsoever. If this is what we should expect from Horizon Worlds, maybe it’s best to look elsewhere. Zuckerberg addressed the weird graphics issue and said it would get better in the coming months.

The Facebook post didn’t share any details about the event timeline and what the viewers could expect to see. It is just a post announcing the event, which most likely will stream online. Zuckerberg’s idea of merging reality and encouraging people to join Metaverse seems a long shot because the proposed Meta headset isn’t cheap. Rumors are that it could cost upwards of $800, which isn’t exactly cheap.

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