New Mercedes Benz S-Class Is All About Technology And Luxury On Wheels

front view grille 2 New Mercedes Benz S-Class
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Technology is something that the New Mercedes Benz S-Class has wholeheartedly embraced. Every corner of this vast limousine reeks of it — so many sensors and camera monitors to let you know what is happening around the car.

This new generation model of this special car is taking a massive leap forward. Therefore, the traditional S-Class loyalists might bemoan this approach. But credit should be given where it’s due — the S-Class had to outdo Tesla and other luxury cars in terms of technology. It also means Mercedes pouring its entire technical know-how into one car.

All in all, the new S-Class is an advanced vehicle with utmost comfort and luxury.

rear sideview full New Mercedes Benz S-Class

New Mercedes Benz S-Class Interiors

Before we start with the tech fest, a cursory glance at the exterior reveals a much younger persona along with a more aerodynamic approach. The door handles hide and pop out when needed. They are also accessed by a touch surface. The exterior design is still elegant without being too radical, but Mercedes has taken a restrained approach not to upset its traditional clientele.

Elegant Cabin

Please open the door (you or your chauffeur still has to do it), and the interior is a tactile joy with minimalism as its mantra. The vehicle has 5 screens for infotainment; the center screen itself is a 12.3 inch massive OLED. Hence, the cabin looks simple and very much reminiscent of a yacht.

The materials, including the wood to the Nappa leather or even the gleaming metal, are flawless and top drawer. We also liked the switchgear, hewn from solid metal.

front seats and space in New Mercedes Benz S-Class

Back to the central screen, it contains the key to the new S-Class’s technological showcase. It all starts with the MBUX infotainment system, which is 50 percent faster and comes bundled with many features. The touch is accompanied by haptic feedback, while the display quality is the best we have seen from any touch screen to date. 

The digital instrument cluster gets a special 3D display that you can see without needing the special glasses. That is just the start, as the MBUX also keeps track of your movements and body language to predict what function you want to use. Even the HUD uses augmented reality.

A good user-friendly touch screen operates all the climate/massage/media functions back to the central functions. You can also use the voice command system. Do note that the desired settings can be stored in profiles, which can also be secured by a fingerprint scanner!

rear seats and space in New Mercedes Benz S-Class

Technology at its peak

For example, the navigation looks stunning and detailed, along with the 3D 360-degree camera with a parking surround system. The New Mercedes Benz S-Class can park itself while everything just has been taken to a whole new level in terms of feel or display.

camera view in New Mercedes Benz S-Class

I can go on, but the 4D Burmester surround-sound audio system has speakers built inside the seats for a concert-like experience, and believe me, it feels unreal with 30 speakers and 8 resonators.

What’s next? The seats? They are the best in the business, with illuminated belt buckles and 19 motors in each seat to offer as many as 10 massage programs. They have vibrators that give you a relaxing massage! The massage function is also there in the rear seats, accessed via a removable tablet or two screens.

massage and comfort options in New Mercedes Benz S-Class

Speaking of which, the ENERGIZING comfort program takes this to a new level with the music, massage, and ambient lighting combining for a relaxed, spa-like experience. The ambient lighting is also not the usual 64 color one as this is active ambient lighting which also gets into the driving assistance and warns if there are any objects in your blind spot outside.

With the S-Class, a touch of a button will also see you stretching out via the chauffeur package, which provides a leg rest along with you, making yourself as comfortable as a proper bed! Even the cushions are heated!

cockpit of New Mercedes Benz S-Class

The tech fest does not end there as numerous driver assistance programs help you brake or steer if the laws allow you to beg ready for autonomous level 3 driving. It will apply brakes if it senses anything and monitors you all the time.

That is not all, as the digital headlamps are also the most powerful in terms of headlamp technology and the power of these headlamps is incredible, as I saw during nighttime.

headlight in New Mercedes Benz S-Class

Who doesn’t wish to drive the New Mercedes Benz S-Class?

The rear axle steering cuts the turning circle as the rear wheels steer in an opposite direction of up to 4.5 degrees, making using the S-Class very easy. There are two engine options with the S400d and the S450 4Matic.

We drove the petrol with a 367hp/500nm output paired with a 9-speed automatic gearbox. Air suspension is standard, of course.

front view grille New Mercedes Benz S-Class

As far as the driving experience is concerned, the new S-Class is even more powerful while also being completely silent. There is no sensation of power or even you driving the car as it gently cruises along. The engine is smooth, and so is the gearbox. Despite bigger wheels on this AMG spec model, the S-Class rides with authority and feels comfortable like an S-Class should.

Priced at Rs 2.19 cr, the new S-Class in its fully loaded launch edition spec is much more expensive than rivals, but the sheer amount of technology plus luxury on offer makes it worth that price. It has taken a bigger leap forward and uses technology for pure luxury. A showcase of what a car can be.

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