Google: New Linux Bug Is Not A Big Deal For Android


Best Emulator For AndroidShort Bytes: Recently, Perception Point reported a Linux and Android security vulnerability also known as CVE-2016-0728. This security vulnerability was posted as a deep potential threat. However, according to the Google sources, Google was aware of this problem from beforehand via the upstream Linux kernel security team anyway.

As reported by Adrian Ludwig, Android’s lead security engineer, Google has taken the recent Linux zero-day issue seriously. However, according to Perception Point, the company which reported the problem, this current vulnerability has an effect over around 66 percent of all the Android devices including phones and tablets.

Though the Perception point was aware of the problem, it was not reported to the Google by them. But according to Google, fortunately, because of the upstream work of the Linux team, Google was ready with a patch.

Ludwig writes:

“We have prepared a patch, which has been released to open source and provided to partners today. This patch will be required on all devices with a security patch level of March 1, 2016 or greater. We believe that no Nexus devices are vulnerable to exploitation by 3rd party applications.

Further, devices with Android 5.0 and above are protected, as the Android SELinux policy prevents third party applications from reaching the affected code. Also, many devices running Android 4.4 and earlier do not contain the vulnerable code introduced in Linux kernel 3.8, as those newer kernel versions not common on older Android devices.”

According to Google, the claims made were not of so much of importance and it is also not going to affect many devices. All the operating systems have some issues but before making a hype out of that is not advisable until the reported problem is a real one.

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