New Chrome Feature To Increase Battery Life Of PCs By 28% (~2 hours)


Google Chrome has always had a bad reputation when it comes to hogging battery, especially when you open multiple tabs. But now, Google is planning to fix this through a new feature in Chrome 86 that will reduce energy usage by killing unnecessary JavaScript timers and trackers when a tab is in the background.

According to TheWindowsClub, this experimental Chrome feature throttles background processes for tabs, including activities like those that check your scrolling position, report logs, and analyze interactions with ads. Reducing the javascript wake-up timer to 1 minute for background tabs is expected to improve laptop battery life by 28% that roughly translates into 2 hours.

In a test case, Google found that after loading 36 random background tabs and a blank foreground tab, battery life increased by 28%. But in a more realistic scenario where there are 36 random background tabs and a foreground tab playing, let’s say, a YouTube video — the battery life still managed to increase by 13% (36 minutes).

Safari browser already uses a 1-minute polling interval, but keeping such a short interval can sometimes cause web app issues. Therefore, Google is considering the same for 5 minutes of inactivity.

This new Chrome feature is only available as a flag in Chrome 86 preview builds, but it would be available for all mobile and desktop versions (Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, and Chrome OS) if at all it is released.

Manisha Priyadarshini

Manisha Priyadarshini

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