6 New Characters That’ll Play Significant Role In Dance Of Dragons

Weapons are getting ready for the war.

6 New Characters That'll Play Significant Role In House Of The Dragon
Image Credit: HBO

Note: Spoilers Ahead!

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House Of The Dragon is the epitome of thrill and drama. The prequel series has now completed six episodes and is still breaking many records for the HBO network. Moreover, the makers are so confident about its success that it has already been renewed for a second season.

It boards an ensemble cast, and the latest installment has added more gems to this crown. Due to the time jump, we witnessed the new princes and princesses in Westeros. Moreover, many of them will have important roles in the upcoming civil war. So let’s find out more about them and their contributions down below.

Furthermore, the upcoming episode will see a lot of dragons in action. If you want a heads-up about these beats, then check out our streaming guide over here. It will introduce all the dragons in the series, including Dreamfyre, Vhagar, etc. With all that said, let’s start our discussion in the next section of this article.

House Of The Dragons New Characters

Aegon II Targaryen

6 New Characters That'll Play Significant Role In House Of The Dragon
Image Credit: HBO

While Prince Aegon is not a new character to us, we learned more about him after ten years. He is the firstborn son of King Viserys and Queen Alicent Hightower. As of now, Aegon is not interested in the throne, but his mother wants him badly to rule the entire realm. Moreover, Prince Aegon will be the only challenger to Princess Rhaenyra in Dance of Dragons.

According to the book Fire & Blood, he will be an essential asset and destroy Rhaenyra’s wishes. Moreover, he will ride Sunfyre, also known as “the Golden.” Aegon will also sit on the throne for a short period after his father’s death in 129 AC. He will continue to fight against the Blacks till his last breath.

Aemond Targaryen

6 New Characters That'll Play Significant Role In House Of The Dragon
Image Credit: HBO

Aemond might come off as a timid and weak young boy in the recent episode. However, he will be the most ferocious Knight in the entire realm. Moreover, he will ride the enormous dragon Vhagar in the civil war. At birth, Aemond was half the size of his brother, and everyone used to pick on him. It will be fun to see his transformation in the series.

Furthermore, he also lost one of his eyes at a young age in a fight with his nephew Lucerys Velaryon. In the civil war, he will hunt down Lucerys and fight him to the death. Moreover, he will also acquire the Iron Throne when Aegon recovers from a disease. Unfortunately, Daemon ends his life as an act of revenge for Lucerys.

Jacaerys Velaryon

6 New Characters That'll Play Significant Role In House Of The Dragon
Image Credit: HBO

He is the elder son of Princess Rhaenyra Targaryen and Ser Laenor Velaryon. Jacaerys was a dragon rider whose dragon was Vermax. In the series, the character is played by Harry Collett and Leo Hart. He will be ‘strong,’ responsible, and politically savvy at a young age. Moreover, he will be serving as a squire in the civil war.

He will be named as the heir to the Driftmark during the Dance of Dragons. While he swore not to fight in the war, he’ll still go all out for his mother’s sake. Jacaerys will join arms with House Stark and House Baratheon in his early days.

Lucerys Velaryon

6 New Characters That'll Play Significant Role In House Of The Dragon
Image Credit: HBO

Lucerys is the second son of Princess Rhaenyra and the rider of Arrax. In House Of The Dragon, he is portrayed by Elliot Grihault and Harvey Sadler. He will become skilled in arms and weapons. Moreover, Aemond broke his nose when he was five-year-old in a fight. Prior to the civil war, he served as a squire in Rhaenyra’s court.

Unfortunately, in the Dance of Dragons, he will die at the hands of Aemond Targaryen. While Vhagar was five times the size of Arrax, Lucerys still fought the battle with all his might. With that said, let’s shed some light on his younger brother in the next section of this article.

House of the Dragon: Joffrey Velaryon

6 New Characters That'll Play Significant Role In House Of The Dragon
Image Credit: HBO

The third child of Rhaenyra was named after his father’s former lover Ser Joffrey Lonmouth. Just like his brothers, he was also a dragon rider whose dragon was Tyraxes. Due to his uncanny resemblance with Ser Harwin Strong, he was also teased as his bastard.

Moreover, he was eager to help her mother in the civil war, but she swore him to guard the Draiftmark castle. However, he hastily entered the battle after Lucerys’ death and met his end during a war with Syrax.

House of the Dragon: Larys Strong

Larys Strong
Image Credit: HBO

The Clubfoot is indeed an old character, but we get to see his true face in the sixth episode. Larys killing his father and brother is just a tiny trailer of his evil deeds in the series. Moreover, he is currently the only ruler of Harrenhall. He will continue to fight along with the Greens and become an essential asset in the civil war.

According to the book, his plots and twists will bring Prince Aegon closer to the throne. After the last episode, he is currently the most infamous character in the series.

The above list contains all the characters that’ll change significantly in the civil war. Dance of Dragons is the history-changing event in the GOT universe. Moreover, House of the Dragon presents it in the most entertaining manner.

That’s all we have for this article. What are your expectations from the new episodes? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below.

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