Netflix’s Second Interactive Show Is ‘You vs. Wild’ With Bear Grylls


The first choose-your-own-adventure show by Netflix, Black Mirror: Bandersnatch, was a huge success. It was first of its kind and Netflix isn’t wasting any time in cashing the success of its interactive show, for the second time.

The company has announced that its next user-controlled show ‘You vs. Wild’ is under development. In this eight-episode series, viewers will be in control of a Bear Grylls adventure.

You vs. Wild will be available to stream starting April 10th. Netflix has also dropped an interactive trailer for the upcoming show where users are asked to accept or reject a call from Bear Grylls.

If you accept the call, Grylls invites you to accompany and guide him through eight different stories. You will be given choices along the way and whatever you choose will take you to a different adventure with a different end.

While the trailer doesn’t reveal exactly how much trouble you can get Bear into, but knowing the man, we can definitely say that the stakes would be pretty high.

Also, we might not see as many endings as Bandersnatch or those might not end up in a death. But it would be exciting anyway.

Are you excited for ‘You vs. Wild’ with Bear Grylls? Let us know in the comments below.

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