Netflix Unveils A Spine-Chilling Trailer Of The Midnight Club

Premieres October 7.

The Midnight Club
Image: Netflix

The Haunting of Hill House and Midnight Mass creators come together for another project named The Midnight Club. It is an adaptation of Christopher Pike’s 1994 novel of the same name. Eight terminally sick teenagers create the Midnight Club in the basement of Brightcliffe Hospice.

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They tell ghost stories to pass the time and face the impending reality of death. However, when they make a vow that the first to die will seek communication with the group, one finally does, and strange things begin to happen at Brightcliffe.

Flanagan’s much-anticipated new series appears to be considerably different from some of his previous endeavors. While the tone is familiarly dismal and eerie, the show stands apart owing to its youthful ensemble in terms of characterization and overall appeal.

It will also include sections more comparable to a classic horror anthology, following the club members’ varied ghost stories, which include the characters and Brightcliffe workers. Unfortunately, the previous The Midnight Club teaser trailer only provided Flanagan fans with just a tiny glance inside this enigmatic new world.

Netflix unveils a full trailer for The Midnight Club.

Now, Netflix has released the full trailer for The Midnight Club. The footage provides a more detailed summary of the show’s narrative, starring Iman Benson as Brightcliffe’s newest patient. She arrives at the hospice center after learning of her cancer diagnosis and befriends the titular Midnight Club. She starts to learn about their after-hours habit. However, she quickly discovers Brightcliffe’s horrific secrets, and the Midnight Club faces ghosts in more than just their stories.

Of course, a Flanagan series would be incomplete without scares. And the show appears to have plenty of them. Various ghouls and animals appear briefly in the trailer to frighten the Midnight Club members throughout their quest for survival, and they are adequately terrifying.

Despite the series’ juvenile sensibilities, mature aspects exist to attract longtime Flanagan fans and horror fans looking for a more conventionally terrifying sequel to Hill House. While it’s unclear how The Midnight Club differs from Pike’s novel. But one thing is certain from the trailer: the Netflix series will undoubtedly keep viewers up at night.

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