Netflix Raises Prices On All Subscription Plans

Netflix is getting heavy on your wallet.

Netflix Raises Prices On All Subscription Plans
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In what comes as news to many, Netflix has increased subscription prices again. While this isn’t the first time the streaming giant has increased subscription prices, it certainly won’t be the last time.

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Meanwhile, Netflix notified its subscribers, although not all of them, about the latest price hikes and the increase in subscription plans and costs from the next billing cycle. While some users may not have received a notification from Netflix yet, some have even seen price hikes in their monthly Netflix subscriptions.

According to The Verge, Netflix spokesperson Kumiko Hidaka clarified that increased subscription prices are being rolled out to subscribers over the weeks. It also explains that some users may have already received a price hike notification email and an increase in subscription plans.

At the same time, Netflix has been saying that the prices of its subscription plans will go up eventually, further adding to the value the platform provides. Apart from the costly subscription plans, users will get to see more TV shows and more movies on the platform. Furthermore, with the recent news of a third gaming studio under Netflix’s banner, subscribers seem to be getting the value off their money.

With the constant expansion of the streaming game, and now with its hands on the gaming scene as well, Netflix has got to generate money for the ambitious projects it undertakes; seeing how prices are increasing Netflix’s subscription services, it’s predictable that we’ll see a further increment in the prices sometime soon.

And since we’re on the topic, Netflix recently announced that it is testing a feature that will surely increase its subscription costs. To elaborate, sharing a password with a friend will be more secure; at the same time, it will cost more.

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