Netflix Now Charges More In The U.S., Canada After Charging Less In India

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Netflix subscription plans are getting pricier in the U.S. and Canada a month after it slashed prices in India. Depending on your plan, you could be paying Netflix about $1 or $2 extra every month after the price increase. Likewise, the streaming service quietly increased prices, unlike what it did in India.

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The new Netflix price tags will immediately apply to new subscribers, according to the Netflix website. On the other hand, existing customers will see the effect in a while. “Current members will receive an email notification 30 days before their price changes, unless they change their plan,” said Netflix.

Netflix changing prices across the world

Netflix’s plans include a Basic plan with SD content, a Standard plan with HD content, and a Premium plan with FHD and 4K content. Here’s a quick comparison of the price changes in the U.S. and Canada compared to those in India.

Plan (U.S. & Canada)Previous Price (USD)Changed Price (USD)
Updated Netflix prices in America and Canada.
Plan (India)Previous PriceChanged Price
MobileRs 199 (~ $2.7)Rs 149 (~ $1.99)
BasicRs 499 (~ $6.71)Rs 199 (~ $2.7)
StandardRs 649 (~ $8.72)Rs 499 (~ $6.71)
PremiumRs 799 (~ $10.74)Rs 649 (~ $8.72)
Updated Netflix prices in India.

Interestingly, Netflix increased prices in North America and Canada roughly by the same margin by which it slashed prices in India. The last time the streaming service raised prices in the U.S. was in October 2020. Hence, this is yet another price hike for Americans in less than two years.

“We understand people have more entertainment choices than ever and we’re committed to delivering an even better experience for our members,” said a Netflix spokesperson explaining the price hike. Meanwhile, the streaming service slashed prices in India “to attract more customers” and called them “Happy New Prices.”

It’s difficult to make out why Netflix is doing whatever it’s that it’s doing. However, these actions are profitable to some and bad for others. Notably, India is a growing market with high potential. That could be a contributing factor to the price increase. Amazon charges Rs 1499/year (roughly $1.6/month) for its streaming service and other Prime benefits.

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