Netflix Pleads Fans Not To Hurt Themselves With ‘Bird Box Challenge’


The recently released Netflix movie ‘Bird Box’ has garnered a lot of attention and appreciation. But it has also birthed a new viral challenge which involves people putting blindfolds on themselves and completing tasks.

The internet is currently flooded with Bird Box challenge videos, some of which are hilarious and others quite dangerous. This has urged Netflix to request fans not to hurt themselves through such acts.

For those who haven’t watched the movie yet, here’s a quick summary: Bird Box is a horror concept movie starring Sandra Bullock, where she along with her children Girl and Boy are forced to wear blindfolds.

They travel along a river in a spooky forest without using eyesight to protect themselves against an evil monster, which, if seen, causes death.

Bird Box has already broken viewership records with more than 45 million Netflix accounts that have streamed the movie.

The slew of #BirdBoxChallenge memes where folks are recording themselves blindfolded includes random people walking blindfolded running themselves into a wall.

One person even put a cap over his eyes while driving which is really not a wise decision. Here, take a look at them yourselves:

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Manisha Priyadarshini

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