Netflix Launches Its “Streams And Screams” Portal For Halloween Season

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October is only a few days away. And Netflix has already given us a sneak peek at what’s in store for this Halloween season. This, of course, includes a slew of horrifying films. Mr. Harrigan’s Phone, a Stephen King adaptation from well-known horror filmmaker Mike Flanagan; The Curse of Bridge Hollow, a Jeff Wadlow-directed horror-comedy; and The Cabinet of Curiosities, from none other than Guillermo del Toro, have all been announced for release next month.

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So, when it comes to scares this year, Netflix didn’t show up to play. And to add to the spine-tingling streaming experience in October, Netflix has created “Streams & Screams,” a horror gateway with a collection “designed for sharing—and scaring.”

What exactly is Netflix’s Streams & Screams?

“Streams & Screams” is a dedicated tab for horror content, spanning from movies to television shows, with vintage classics and new Halloween-themed material. It also includes horror thrillers, horror comedies, witchcraft, slashers, psychological, and other horror sub-genres.

“Streams & Screams” has its own page on the Netflix app and website, emphasizing all of its new and classic horror material. It will also include works like Bird Box, Cargo, Fear Street, Gerald’s Game, Day Shift, and The Babysitter.

The “Streams & Screams” category contains hundreds of titles tailored for a distinct Halloween vibe. Netflix subscribers can select a horror title from the following organized categories: “Teen Screams,” “Zombies, Vampires, and Ghouls,” “Horror Hidden Gems,” “Family Halloween Treats,” “This Place Is Evil,” “Modern Horror Classics,” “Horror Reimagined,” “Slashers and Serial Killers,” and “Witchcraft & the Dark Arts.”

Each category will include a number of Netflix originals and also a few non-Netflix films. Netflix has prepared a list of the finest Halloween-themed films and TV episodes to make things easier for consumers.

As Halloween approaches, horror fans can enjoy additional horror entertainment that has been particularly selected and arranged for them. You can look through Netflix’s “Streams & Screams” option to find something to watch that matches your horror preferences.

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