Netflix Launches The “Browse By Language” Feature

Making content more discoverable.


If you think finding desired movies and TV shows on Netflix is a never-ending process, you’re not alone. But you might get relaxed after knowing that the company is rolling out the “Browse By Language” feature.

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Well, you can already find language-specific content on Netflix using the search bar, but this one seems to be a dedicated attempt at making the catalog more discoverable.

I got excited that I spotted a new Netflix feature in testing until I found that the traces of “Browse By Language” were first spotted back in January and people are now tweeting about it. It’s a whole webpage where you can sort movies and TV shows by their language, as the name says. However, Netflix seems to have done some changes over the months.

If you are seeing it at the top of your Netflix account page on PC, you should give it a try. Here, you’ll find options to filter the content in various languages, as well as, pick between Original Langauge, Dubbed, and Subtitle options.

Browse By Language Netflix

For instance, you can list all the content that is dubbed in French or has subtitles in German. What more you can do is you can arrange that filtered content according to its release year or in alphabetical order.

One thing to note is that the feature doesn’t seem to load all the titles for a given language (tested English and Hindi). As of writing this, we haven’t heard about any official announcement from Netflix. So, it could be a possibility that it’s yet to reach its full functionality.

However, it can be a great addition for the streaming giant which is losing subscribers as days pass. And it would help the viewers who like to find content in the language it was produced. We’ll try to keep you updated with more Netflix features in the future.

Aditya Tiwari

Aditya Tiwari

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