Netflix Ends Its 30-Day Free Trial For All Users Worldwide


Gone are the days of creating multiple Netflix accounts to enjoy months of free trial access. That lifehack is now officially dead because the OTT service has removed its 30-day free trial for all new users globally.

Netflix will no longer provide a free trial, and new users would have to sign up for one of its plans to watch all the content. However, users may decide to opt-out of a plan at any point. So, they don’t have to continue paying for their plan every month if they don’t want to.

The company has also swiftly released an update on its website to inform the users of this change.

Netflix’s Free Trial Ditch Is A Strategy To Gain More Subscribers

Back in early 2019, Netflix started experimenting with the removal of its free trial month. It first kicked out the free trial entirely in certain countries before taking a step back and offering a shorter, 14-day trial period instead.

But now, the streaming platform has axed its free trial month in a bid to encourage new users to take up a subscription plan. Moreover, a Netflix representative revealed that the company is “looking at different marketing promotions in the U.S. to attract new members and give them a great Netflix experience,” reports Fox Business.

Although the trial access to Netflix’s huge library of content is gone, you can still watch some of its shows for free without signing up. The OTT giant released its free catalog of various movies and TV shows to the global audience last month, after testing it out in the US. This is another way the American firm is trying to entice people to subscribe.

In July, Streamable reported that Netflix added a whopping 25 million subscribers since the beginning of the year. Now, this upward trend is likely to continue as the company bins the free trial, leaving interested people no choice but to subscribe.

Priye Rai

Priye Rai

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