Netflix Cancels 1899 After Just One Season
Image: Netflix

The epic science-fiction thriller 1899 is set in the same year as its title. It follows the crew and passengers aboard the Kerberos steamship and the mysterious events that unfold on deck as they travel from Europe to New York. The promise of a bright and promising future in a new location is dashed when they come across another emigrating ship adrift at sea. Their unexpected nightmarish discovery sets off a series of mysterious events that leave passengers terrified, raising more questions than they can answer.

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1899 received rave critical and audience reviews. It is regarded as a worthy successor to Dark, Friese, and Odar’s first project since their Netflix deal. Both shows shared common themes and frequently drew fair comparisons from audiences who found 1899 as compelling as its predecessor. 1899 debuted on Netflix on November 17, with all eight episodes released simultaneously. It quickly became a hit, climbing into the streamer’s coveted Top 10 chart. Unfortunately, it appears that the numbers were insufficient.

1899 Season 2 canceled on Netflix

Today, 1899 co-creator Baran bo Odar announced on Instagram that Netflix has decided not to renew the show for a second season. Bo revealed the news in a joint statement written by him and co-creator Jantje, beginning with their regret that Netflix chose not to renew the show, implying that 1899 season 2 will not be able to solve the mystery set up by the season 1 finale.

The series’ co-creator also revealed that the original plan was for 1899 to reveal its twists and turns over three seasons, similar to Netflix’s Dark. The statement concludes with a thank you to the fans of 1899, with the creators mentioning the impact the news would have on millions. Check out the statement below:

What could season 2 be about?

There were numerous theories about what a possible 1899 season 2 might have looked like. 1899 ended with Maura finally remembering her past and choosing to awaken from the virtual reality she had created. The Prometheus ship from 1899 was actually a spaceship, as Maura discovered when she awoke in the finale to find the remaining crew and passengers from the Kerberos sleeping in pods around her.

With an outside shot of the ship floating through space, the audience learns that Maura is onboard the Project Prometheus spaceship in the year 2099. Season 2 could have Maura trying to figure out if she’s in the real world or another simulation orchestrated by her brother Cirian, who was revealed to be the one controlling the previous Kerberos simulation.

Given the show’s popularity, only time will tell if the fans can raise enough clamor to entice another streamer to save it. While we wait for an official statement from Netflix, check out our guide on shows like 1899 here.

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