Is Netflix Planning To Add Video Games To Its Service At No Additional Cost?

Netflix won't be limited to movies and TV shows.


Netflix is planning to add games to its service, just like movies and TV series. The company has recently hired Mike Verdu to lead its new game development department. Verdu will join Netflix as head of game development, reporting to CEO Greg Peters.

He has previously worked for EA and Facebook, where he worked with developers to bring games and other content to the Oculus ecosystem. The plan is to offer video games on the Netflix streaming platform by 2022.

For now, the company intends to keep prices the same because games will be treated as a new programming genre, similar to documentaries or stand-up specials. Many speculate that Netflix will provide cloud game streaming services on its platform, much like Xbox Game Pass, Stadia, or GeForce Now. However, only time can tell what it will become.

After the news broke out, Netflix shares gained as much as 3.3% to $566 in late trading. The stock had been up 1.3% this year through Wednesday’s close.

According to research conducted by iOS developer Steve Moser, evidence of Netflix’s plans to add games has already begun to appear in files hidden deep within the company’s app.

The company has already started posting for game-development-related positions on its website and is planning to build its entire team in the coming months.

Will Netflix become expensive after the addition of games?

netflix games service

Looking back, Netflix has raised its price on more than one occasion. There’s no reason to believe they won’t do it again. However, companies like Netflix like to keep their prices low in the initial phases of the product launch to increase their userbase. In the first few years of its streaming service launch, the company made next to no profit and focused on producing more content for its service.

Netflix has been trying to improve its service from its streaming rivals such as Amazon Prime, Disney+, and HBO Max. To do that, they have added kids programs, merchandise, and even Steven Spielberg to its fold, but it still added very few subscribers in the recent quarterly report. This is pretty much due to the market saturation of the OTT industry in the U.S. However, adding Netflix’s games service to its platform can stand out from its competitors.

In the meantime, check out how to watch shows on Netflix for free.

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