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Update: Unfortunately, the owner of the video “Need for speed in real-life part III” has made the video private. However, you can still learn what happened in the video by reading the article. We are trying contacting the owner and the story will be updated as soon as we hear from him.

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The third installment in the “Need for Speed in Real Life” series on YouTube is something that will hit NFS fans right in the feels. In the video, the character takes hold of the BMW M3 to race against other players in real life.

The editing and effects in the 4 minutes long video make it look like a series of Need For Speed missions, but believe me, all of that is happening in real life.

Watch Need For Speed Real Life

The video starts with the player driving his BMW M3 around the city of Saint Petersburg, Russia. He then goes for a quick 1.05-mile (1.7 kilometers) race against two of his friends, one riding a Toyota Supra and the other riding a Porsche Cayman.

In the second segment of the “Need For Speed in real-life” video, the player has to lose the heat by escaping a police vehicle. You don’t see things like the player crashing his car into the police vehicle, because you know, they shot the video in real life.

Nevertheless, watching the classic NFS police escape happening in real life is still worthwhile.

In the final segment of the video, our lead character races against some modified performance cars, including Ford Mustang GT, VW Golf GTI, and a Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution VIII.

The editing and camera effects in the video make it look like the BMW M3 is being driven insanely fast. However, according to the player, “all footage was filmed on closed roads, sped up and edited.” So, the entire NFS video was shot while following all the rules and safety measures.

Which is pretty neat. Remember kids: street racing is best when confined to video games. Always uphold the law and follow traffic rules.

Shivam Gulati

Shivam Gulati

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