NASA Reveals Close-Up Pictures Of Pluto


pluto-moon-color-pictureShort Bytes: NASA has recently released the close-up pictures of Pluto (see below) taken during the epic flyby of New Horizons. The pictures were taken on July 14 and reveal the complex surface of the icy planet.

It is about two months since New Horizons’ epic flyby around Pluto. The space mission gave insights to many features and refuted previous theories regarding the dwarf planet. NASA has released some pictures earlier and now more close-ups pictures of Pluto sent by New Horizons reveal subtle details of its terrain.

As we have already told you how the complex land features on the icy planet have bewildered the scientists, these new high-resolution pictures of Pluto offer a better glance at the surface and will help the scientists to hypothesize a theory. Pluto has a resurfaced region that looks like a heart emoticon, and similar new surfaces have been found on its moon, Charon.

The latest pictures released by NASA are not coloured, but give ample information about Pluto’s surface. Check out some photos:


This close-up image shows the smooth and bright icy plain on Pluto and is called Sputnik Planum.


This image of Pluto shows a chaotic region, a broken and defaced terrain on the north-west edge of the Sputnik Planum.

These images were taken on July 14, 2015, from a distance of 50,000 miles by the New Horizons space probe. Check out more close up shots of Pluto here.

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