Universe’s First Space Crime Has Happened, NASA Starts Investigation

First Crime In Space

Crime is growing on earth, and now it is growing beyond earth. NASA is investigating the first crime committed in space after an astronaut accessed the bank account of her spouse from the International Space Station.

Anne McClain, the accused astronaut has acknowledged that she accessed her estranged spouse Summer Worden’s bank account— when she was in space training for NASA’s first-ever female spacewalk. Ms. Worden who is a former Air Force intelligence officer lodged a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission regarding identity theft.

In addition to this, there is an ongoing parenting dispute between the couple. In light of which, Worden’s parents also filed a complaint with NASA’s Office of the Inspector General. They have accused McClain of “highly calculated and manipulative campaign” to win the custody of Worden’s son.

According to McClain’s lawyer, she denied that something “improper” was committed.

This is the first-ever reported case of a crime being committed in space.

How Do Laws Work In Space?

In space, astronauts have to abide by the Space Station Agreement, which is signed by the US and 14 other countries. Laws are framed on the basis of the agreement. The agreement says that each nation is responsible for its equipment, personnel, and elements. For example, if an astronaut from India commits a crime in space, he’ll be prosecuted as per Indian criminal laws.

The agreement also includes a provision of extraditing an astronaut back to earth. According to it, a nation can extradite an astronaut of another country in case of a crime in space.

With space travel set to become a trend in the future, there is a need for properly formulated space laws.

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