Mystery Behind The Coins Inside Apple MacBooks — Did Apple Put It There?


Short Bytes: If you are low on change then you might consider opening up your old Apple MacBook. You might find a penny or some other coin inside the plastic seal of the SuperDrive. Many people have posted photos of such MacBooks, totally confused how it got inside. Did Apple put those coins? It might remain and die with Apple.

Apple MacBooks don’t come cheap. But what if you open your MacBook one day and find a coin sitting inside. Chances are that the coin might’ve slipped inside from the optical drive slot, or maybe Apple deliberately put the coin inside.

People opened their MacBooks for the purpose of repair or upgrade and found a coin close to the Apple SuperDrive and entirely sealed inside the plastic covering of the optical drive. That might be a reason the coins never made any sound when the MacBook was moved here and there.

There are several images, posted over the years, on public platforms like MacRumours forum and Imgur, featuring coins inside MacBooks.

coin in macbook el_walterino
Image: El_Waterino

This image was posted by a user on MacRumors in 2013. He spotted the coin when he opened his MacBook to clean the fans.

Coin in MacBook-ianlafo
Image: Iianlafo

Redditor Ianfalo took the snapshot of the coin while he was upgrading the RAM of his MacBook Pro.

coin in macbook-unplottable
Image: unplottable

This one is also from 2013, posted by unplottable who took off the bottom plate of his MacBook for the first time. He found a Canadian quarter sealed in the plastic cover with the optical drive.

Coin in Macbook-greatease1
Image: greatease

This one is just a few days old, uploaded on Imgur by greatease.

Gizmodo wrote a piece about this, and the article was quickly posted on Quora with the expectation for a comment from someone.

Michael Vogel, a former Apple Engineer was keen to reply the user who thought the coins might uncover some untold Steve Jobs story, “or that Apple was trying to slowly appreciate the USD.”

“All of these coins are in slot loading optical drives. People would place their computers into a bag that also had change in it, the coins would slide into the slot and get wedged in the plastic underneath the drive,” wrote Vogel.

According to Vogel, Apple technicians are no strangers to the incidents of coins in the optical drives. None of these MacBooks are brand new. “Where in the world would factories overseas get copious amounts of U.S. currency change?” he said.

This could be an acceptable argument because the production of MacBooks is done by Foxconn in China. It’s highly unlikely that Apple placed coins inside their laptops, even if they were richer than the US government.

On the hand, a Redditor ianflo, who found a coin in his MacBook, noted that “the plastic is sealed on all four edges to the SuperDrive with a pretty strong adhesive.” Also, there aren’t any penny-sized holes in the optical drive or the chassis of the laptop so that a penny could get inside. That’s contrary to what is mentioned by Vogel on Quora.

Now, if we choose to keep the fact ‘how the coin got inside the MacBook’ aside, what could be the other reasons? I dug the internet and found an article on Daily Mail. A coin can be used to prevent laptops from overheating. A Twitter user placed copper coins on the MacBook which absorbed excess heat.

This article did convince me for a moment that Apple might have put those coins intentionally until I read further. The trick only works if the coin is cooler than the machine. And, it is hard to assume the same thing for a single coin placed inside the laptop. So, the existence of the coins is a mystery, it will remain and die with Apple.

If you’re not convinced with the photos, here is a video:

Did you find a coin inside your MacBook? Drop your thoughts in the comments below.

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Aditya Tiwari

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