Meet Mycroft – World’s 1st Open Source Artificial Intelligence Based on Linux, Raspberry Pi and Arduino


artificial-intelligence-ubuntu-mycroft-2Short Bytes: Using the Internet of Things we will control our future lives by inculcating electronics and internet in each and every small thing around us. Now take the Internet of Things + cloud in one hand and pick up the power of artificial intelligence + open source in the other, and mix them. This is how Mycroft was born – an artificially intelligent and open source internet of things platform.

Mycroft makes use of natural language processing for listening to your commands and run world’s first open source and open hardware home A.I. platform. Talking about the plus points, this state of art A.I. based on the world’s most popular open development platforms- Arduino and Raspberry Pi.

You can use Mycroft to control your music streaming apps, YouTube playback and your smart devices. The Internet of Things devices could be easily integrated with Mycroft. Do you want to run your 3D printer? Tweet a fossBytes link? Mycroft can do it.

On its Kickstarter page, Mycroft writes:

Whatever it is – If it is connected to the internet – Mycroft can control it.


Mycroft is an open source, open hardware platform that allows the makers and developers to fiddle with their innovative ideas and use Mycroft to turn those into reality. Since Mycroft is powered by Raspberry Pi 2 and makes use of an Arduino powered display, there are tons of tutorials and other useful material online to learn from.

Let’s know some more facts about Mycroft and how it’s going to change the things in the AI market: Mycroft is affordable and priced just at $129 per unit, thanks to open hardware. Mycroft uses lots of open APIs to process language input and then determines the output. So, a major chunk of Mycroft’s processing is done in the cloud using open APIs, the company doesn’t need to build their deep learning neural network. This reduces the cost of the project even further.


More open source? Mycroft has also announced its partnership with Ubuntu and it’ll be using Snappy Core Ubuntu as its OS. With this partnership with canonical, Mycroft aims to be a part of the current IoT and cloud revolution. Know more about Mycroft here on its Kickstarter page.

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Adarsh Verma

Adarsh Verma

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