MX Linux 21 Beta 1 Released: Here’s What’s New

Xfce 4.16, new and updated apps, configuration changes, and more.


While the world’s busy trying out Windows 11, GNU/Linux users are busy distro-hopping. Developers, on the other hand, are busy with new distro releases. MX Linux, which stands first in Distrowatch’s distributions leaderboard, has a new beta release available for testing purposes.

The Developers are calling it MX Linux 21 Beta 1. If you’re wondering what happened to MX Linux 20, the developers follow a year-based version number for major releases. In this article, let’s look at what’s new in the release.

MX Linux 21 Beta 1: What’s New?

  • The distro ships new and updated applications.
  • There’s a new installer partition selection area with LVM support. For those who don’t know, LVM is used to create larger single logical volumes by combining multiple physical volumes.
  • MX Linux 21 Beta 1 ships with a new Xfce version 4.16.
  • Users will be asked for user pasword for admin tasks by default. You can, however change this in Other tab in mx-tweak.
  • The build also includes a lot of tiny configuration changes, especially on the panel with new default panel plugins.
  • One of the major additions is the new UEFI live boot menus using which you can now select your boot options.

However, as this is a beta build, there are some known issues.

  • The wallpaper looks a little busy and Conky gets a little washed out.
  • 32-bit ISO, when tried to run on VirtualBox, throws an error. VirtualBox guest additions are not preinstalled on the same.

Apart from the Xfce variant, KDE/Plasma and Fluxbox releases are also planned.

Have you ever used MX Linux? How was your experience with it? Share your opinions and thoughts in the comments section below.

Abubakar Mohammed

Abubakar Mohammed

Abubakar is a Linux and Tech Writer. Hailing from a Computer Science background, the start of his love for Tech dates back to 2011, when he was gifted a Dell Inspiron 5100. When he's not covering Tech, you'll find him binge-watching anime and Tech content on YouTube or hunting heads in competitive FPS games. You can also find his work on Android Police and How-To Geek.
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