Musk Shares Twitter Stats: User Activity Peaks; Hate Speech Visibility Dips

Some key features for Musk's Twitter 2.0 also revealed.

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Ever since Elon Musk officially took over Twitter, the company has attracted overwhelming attention, be it positive or negative. Now, the tech billionaire has shared some interesting stats that reflect how the platform has improved on some important metrics, such as hate speech impressions and fake account bans. Additionally, he has mentioned some forthcoming features for what is being dubbed “Twitter 2.0.”

From entering Twitter headquarters with a sink to conducting mass lay-offs, Musk has consistently made it to the headlines over his handling of the firm. However, as per the infographics shared by the man himself, there seem to be more notable developments happening in the background recently.

In a Twitter post, Musk revealed some stats about how the social media platform has progressed following the drastic changes since the takeover. The infographics depicted a growth in user activity, a slump in hate speech visibility, and growth in mDAU (monetizable Daily Active Usage, or basically the daily number of users who see ads).

user activity stats twitter 2.0
Image: Twitter / @elonmusk

According to these images, the number of people joining the social media platform is at an unprecedented high at the moment. It averaged over 2 million new users in the seven days preceding Nov 16, 2022. Comparatively, this is 60% better than in the same time period a year ago.

Between November 8-15, Twitter also saw an all-time high number of minutes spent on the platform. More precisely, Twitterati spent a combined 8+ billion minutes per day on average. Comparing this to last year, it’s a significant 30% spike. Furthermore, the number of ad-seeing users crossed 250 million as of Nov 20.

hate speech fake account reports twitter 2.0
Image: Twitter / @elonmusk

On the flip side, the number of times users see hate speech on Twitter is at a low, with just over 2.5 million impressions by Nov 13. Plus, fake accounts or impersonations have apparently fallen down as well. After the launch of Twitter Blue, during which the daily fake account reports nearly touched 9K, the current numbers are closer to 2.5K reports.

Twitter 2.0 on the horizon

twitter 2.0 plans
Image: Twitter / @elonmusk

Besides these stats, Musk posted some highlights that might make it Twitter 2.0 (aka “The Everything App”) over the coming months. The highlights shared include long-form tweets and videos, DM encryption, a new ad approach, and a revamped Twitter Blue subscription. Interestingly, the serial entrepreneur’s slide for the new Twitter also has a “Payment” section with an empty space next to it.

More than what meets the eye?

The slides from Musk are apparently from a “company talk.” However, there are a few things I’ve observed that don’t really align. First off, there’s little to no information shared in the hate speech-related graph, which is unlike the others in the tweet. Secondly, the “impersonation graph,” which spans over more than a year (Oct 19-Nov 15), has a peak near the middle that is unconvincingly marked as for Nov 5-7 on the infographic. Similarly, the data point for Nov 9-10, which is just 2 days apart, is significantly distanced from it on the graph.

This is looking over the fact that the “user active minutes graph” erroneously shows the range as Jan 1, 2020-Nov 15, 2020, even though the text at the bottom-left vouches for a different range (Jan 1, 2021-Nov 15, 2022).

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