Music Streaming Among Top 3 Most-used Online Services, According to Study

computer music streaming
computer music streaming

computer-music-streamingShort Bytes: According to a recent study conducted by market research firm Juxt Smart Mandate, listening music online is the third most preferred activity of urban internet users in India, followed by emails and social media.

If you are online, there are chances that you are listening music online using internet data. There are close to 168 million total urban internet users in the country and as many as 97.4 million people in urban India listen to music online which is close to 63% of the total urban internet using population. The study also revealed that around 75% of this traffic comes from mobile phones.

JuxtSmartMandate co-founder Mrutyunjay Mishra told PTI, “the fast proliferation of smartphones and falling data rates have definitely contributed to the growing demand for music streaming on mobile, but what has really catalyzed its quick uptake is the way some of the music app providers have positioned and sold the music streaming services.”

The music streaming survey was conducted in June 2015 across 496 top towns in the country and it estimates that 73.8 million urban internet users in India stream music on their mobile phones using data connection.

“The mobile music streaming users use either an app or a mobile site, through browser, to stream music on their phone. The study found that just about 36 million use an app to stream music on their mobile though they have been catalyst to the growth,” Mishra said.

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Also, and are top favorites of the urban users, with a total app download of 28 million and 25.6 million, respectively- followed by Shazam, with a base of 12 million total downloads – and Hungama, with a total of 10.9 million downloads, respectively.

Although in terms of active user base of music streaming, Gaana, with a user base of 15.2 million and Saavn, with a base of 14.1 million users, are market leaders while Apple iTunes- with 4 million users- finds the third position in India. The study also revealed that Bollywood is the top most favorite  genre, followed by ghazals and other soft romantic music, while devotional songs are the third favorite among Internet users.

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