23-year-old Student Livestreams His “Suicide Tutorial” On Facebook, Jumps To Death


Short Bytes: In a shocking incident, a 23-year-old nursing student committed suicide by jumping off from the 19th floor of Mumbai’s Taj Lands End Hotel. He lived streamed the act on his Facebook page. The video has been blocked on the social networking website after police contacted Facebook officials.

A young male nursing student, who hailed from Bengaluru, India, committed suicide on Monday. Named Arjun Bharadwaj, 23, he did so while live streaming a tutorial explaining “how to commit suicide.”

Arjun posted the video on his Facebook page and jumped off from the 19th floor of Mumbai’s Taj Lands End Hotel. The video, which is 1 minute and 43 seconds long, apparently gone viral on social media.

After Arjun jumped out of the window and the police was informed, he was taken to a local hospital where he was pronounced dead.

From his room, Police found a suicide note that hinted that he was suffering from drug addiction, and the damage done due to the addiction prompted him to take this big step.

According to media reports, the nursing student looks intoxicated in the video and he was seen consuming alcohol and smoking.

If we believe the predictions made by the World Health Organization, around 1.53 million will die in 2030 by committing suicide. To deal with such issues, Facebook and other social media networks are working to implement tools to identify and help the suicidal users.

Meanwhile, the video has been blocked by the Facebook officials after police contacted them.

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