Mozilla Firefox Starts Testing 3rd-Party VPN Service


It seems like Mozilla is following the footsteps of Opera. A German website reports that Mozilla will start testing commercial VPN for a few users in the USA, starting from today.

Unlike Opera that offers its own VPN service, Mozilla is partnering with Swiss VPN provider ProtonVPN to use their networking resources for a more, advanced level of security.

The VPN service which will be a recommendation from Mozilla whenever you will be using a lee-secure connection. The service will offer users protection from harmful websites, insecure connections, any unidentified network etc. In other words, pretty much everything what a VPN offers.

Proton VPN writes in a blog post “Our core mission is protecting privacy and security online. Mozilla, the creator of Firefox, strongly aligns with this mission and we’re proud to partner with them to help more people stay safe.”

The pop-up would say: ”Firefox recommends ProtonVPN, it appears you are browsing on an unsecured wireless network. Firefox has teamed up with ProtonVPN to provide you with a private and secure internet connection. No matter where you are.”

While VPNs do provide a good amount of security to users browsing the Internet, people might get annoyed with the new recommendation from Firefox. Proton VPN will also charge users $10 for using their service.

Aside from that, people might point out the nature of the deal between Mozilla and Porton VPN. Since Firefox will be getting a share of the $10/ month revenue if users subscribe to the service, it’s difficult to trust any 3rd-party apps. It would have been much better if Mozilla would have gone with developing their own VPN instead of running for the money.

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Charanjeet Singh

Charanjeet Singh

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