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Back in 2017, Adobe announced that it would stop updating and distributing flash support by the end of 2020. Now, many popular browsers are gradually incorporating the change.

One of them is Mozilla Firefox, which will be disabling support for the Adobe Flash plugin by default, starting in Firefox 69. In a bug listing, Jim Mathies, Senior engineer at Mozilla Security, mentions that the company will disable Flash by default in Nightly 69.

Previously, many popular browser vendors like Google and Microsoft have announced a similar plan to remove Adobe Flash Player from their browsers.

As for Mozilla, this step is part of their main roadmap where the company plans to remove all the support for the NPAPI plugin. To help the developers, Mozilla has laid down an entire timeline on how they are preparing to withdraw all its support of the NPAPI plugins.

With the rise of technologies such as HTML5, WebAssembly, and WebGL, NPAPI has become long obsolete. Apart from this, these plugins also bring a security risk to the browsers. This is because NPAPI plugins run in the security context of the user and do not come under the protection of browsers.

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