Mozilla To Add Tor Features In Firefox For A ‘Super Privacy Browsing’ Mode


Mozilla Firefox, with an aim to further work on the privacy and security of users, could soon introduce a new mode for the same. As found in the Research Grants of the company, Mozilla plans to work in two main areas: Data and Privacy and Security in the Firefox browser.

Speaking of Privacy and Security, Mozilla is planning to incorporate Tor in Firefox browser which will lead to the introduction of a new Super Privacy Browsing mode for easy and anonymous internet surfing.

While Tor browser already exists, the integration of Tor in Firefox browser could mean the entry of various Tor features to Firefox browser as part of Tor Uplift project by Mozilla.

What Is Tor?

For those who don’t know, Tor or The Onion Router is based on Mozilla Firefox ESR browser which is a standalone browser, allowing users to search the web without compromising location details or the content being browsed. Additionally, Tor prevents users from being tracked on the basis of data analysis and network spying.

Tor works on lines of onion routing concept wherein the data (once encrypted) is transferred via various spots in the Tor network, thus leading to multiple-layered encryption, much like the layers of an onion. The multiple layers help conceal the identity of the users while surfing the net.

What Could The SPB Mode Mean?

The new Super Privacy Browsing (SPB) mode means an addition to Tor to the Firefox browser, which could mean that the separate Tor browser is likely to die and become fully integrated into Firefox.

However, there is no word by Mozilla as to when this will happen, and whether or not it will happen.

So, stay tuned to Fossbytes for more information.

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