Apple’s Swift is the Most Loved Programming Language: New Dev Survey



Apple’s Swift, a relatively new programming language introduced to the world at Apple’s 2014 WWDC seems to have become a new favorite among the developers. Just like every year, Stack Overflow conducted its annual survey in which about 26,000 people participated from 157 countries.

This survey was conducted to get a better understanding of the developer community. It was found that the average age of a developer is 28.9 years old with United States with an average developer age of 31.6 years. India has one of the youngest average developer age with 25.0 years.

Here is the list of most loved technologies of 2015.


Out of all the people, 6,800 called themselves as a full-stack dev while mobile and front-end devs were 1,900 and 1,200 respectively.

Apple’s Swift is a multi-paradigm programming language and is appreciated for its compatibility with Objective-C, easier to learn and faster speed.


In the survey, Swift was found to most loved programming language while Salesforce was the most dreaded programming language. JavaScript has been identified as the most used programming language.

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