Full Stack Development Is The Hottest Developer Skill In 2020: HackerRank


If you’re a budding developer and aspiring for a great career with a high paying job, then there are certain skills you need to acquire.

Even if you’re a bootcamp grad or a non-grad, there are chances that you’ll be hired, as tech giant or small companies are spearheading to offer opportunities based on your practical skills and talent.

According to a report by HackerRank shedding light on the Developer Skills 2020, here are the top five most in-demand roles you’d need to fill-in for a shining career as a developer:

1. Full-Stack Developer

hacker rank report skills

A full-stack developer needs vast knowledge as it encompasses the concept of front-end and back-end development along with knowledge in various other fields such as DevOps, Database, and servers.

Therefore, it can’t be much surprising fact that a full-stack developer is the most sought after skill by the companies. About 38% of companies are looking for a full-stack developer role and the number soars to 43% in the case of small scale companies (1-49 employees).

As a full-stack developer already includes acquiring knowledge of various technology stacks, 60% of them are also required to learn a new framework/platform in the last year.

2. Back-End Developer

hacker rank report backend devs

Bounded to serve from one side, backend development is the second most demanded skill for a developer in 2020 by all scale companies. A backend developer is responsible for building the business logic over which a whole platform relies upon.

The percentage may be less for small companies who mostly prefer premium services instead of hiring a designated person. But as companies grow so does the need of backend developers.

Overall, 24% of the hiring managers want to recruit a backend developer who must be fluent in the latest frameworks such as Django and ExpressJS.

3. Data Scientist

hacker rank report skills

As the saying goes, Data is the new oil and most valuable resource for any company to grow. The role of data scientists also competes with other top-tier technologies.

The skills required for the data scientist are also not restricted to one domain, rather, it superimposes with research, data mining and machine learning.

Since most companies treat data scientists as a secondary option to grow their business on a large scale, the demand for data scientists resides at 15%. But it’s likely to increase as the importance of the role is better understood by enterprises with time.

4. Front-end Developer

hacker rank dev skills report

Some people may think that front end developer is the least paying or less demanded job in web development with the onset of Blockchain, Machine learning or AI. But overshadowing the myth, it still accounts for the overall 10% in most in-demand developer skills in 2020.

Another myth about the front-end developer is that it is limited to the website designing using HTML, CSS, Javascript or AJAX. But the website designing has reached a peak point owing to the introduction of various front end frameworks or libraries like Backbone.js as the highest paying framework.

5. DevOps Engineer

HackerRank developer skill report 2020

Being a budding developer, you may find it hard to understand the skill set required to become a DevOps Engineer. But, it also stands close to the front end developer with a 9% requirement by businesses.

Moreover, DevOps surpasses the front end developer to grab the fourth position for a medium-scale enterprise. It also grabbed the second position with 57% as the job that requires you to learn a new technical skill in the last year.

DevOps engineer combines software development and information technology operation with functions to continuously automate, test and integrate the platform using various tools such as Docker and Kubernetes.

Sarvottam Kumar

Sarvottam Kumar

Sarvottam Kumar is a software engineer by profession with interest and experience in Blockchain, Angular, React and Flutter. He loves to explore the nuts and bolts of Linux and share his experience and insights of Linux and open source on the web/various prestigious portals.
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