5 Most Effective Door Locks That Can Keep Intruders At Bay

Close the door on possible threats.

most effective door locks
Image: HAVEN Lock

Ever since the lockdown ended, crimes have been on the rise in many places. Especially, burglary incidents have gone up in the suburbs and posh localities alike. In other words, no matter where you live, burglary is a lingering possibility. Luckily, there are several sophisticated door lock systems that can prevent intruders from breaking into your home.

These anti-intruder locks provide a high level of security, are easy to install, and fit various types of doors. Most of these products aim at protecting homes, but certain others are also focused on securing temporary stays.

These high-end locks are not just sturdy but also convenient to use. Here’s a video showing these door locks being installed and tested against external threats.

Door locks to keep intruders away

1. Campbell Security Screen

Image: campbellwindowfilm.com

Campbell’s highly secure steel mesh can effectively sustain crowbar and knife attacks on doors and windows. Built from tight-weave stainless steel, it can stay intact and stall burglars long enough until the cops arrive. Besides human attackers, it can also keep aggressive animals from getting inside. Moreover, Campbell doors also have a “jimmy-proof” three-point locking system that can’t be forced open but only unlocked from the inside in under a second.

2. HAVEN Lock

haven lock
Image: havenlock.com

The HAVEN Lock is a high-strength door lock that can stop intruders from slamming open the door. According to its website, it is 10 times as strong as a deadbolt and takes under 15 minutes to install. It is placed at the foot of the door and can be activated manually using the foot (HAVEN Mech) or remotely via Bluetooth (HAVEN Connect).

3. Barracuda Intruder Defense System

Image: bilco.com

Bilco’s Barracuda features an entire range of different locks for keeping doors shut in the event of a threat. It has different security options for inward-swinging doors, outward-swinging doors, and doors with a door closer system. These variants can resist high amounts of force, thanks to the heavy-duty steel material. Their installation is rather straightforward and takes less time.

4. DoorJammer

Image: door-jammer.com

DoorJammer is a super easy-to-install yet highly effective door lock. It nullifies external force by channeling it downwards and jamming the door. The protective tool is available in two variants, DoorJammer Portable and DoorJammer Lockdown. While the Portable version is lightweight and suitable for use during travels, the Lockdown version is extra sturdy and suitable for use at home. Both models take just seconds for installation and removal.

5. AddaLock

Image: addalock.com

A highly portable door locking tool, AddaLock is compatible with most hinged doors that open toward the inside. It can stop intruders from barging into a room, thanks to its chrome-plated carbon steel build. Furthermore, it is possibly the easiest and fastest portable door lock that you can find right now.

Which door lock do you think is the most secure and convenient choice? Tell us in the comments below. While you are here, check out how auto glass experts fix windscreens and windows.

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