15 Most Disliked Programming Languages That Developers Don’t Want To Work With

It’s a well-known fact that your choice of a programming language decides the growth of your career as a developer. For example, if you’re an Android developer, you must start learning Kotlin programming and join the army of developers who are ready to walk with the changing trend. The same could be said for iOS developers who are learning Swift.

But, what if you are a programming novice and looking for a new language? In this scenario, it’s advisable to start with easy-to-learn programming languages like Python or JavaScript. To help you out in this decision and give you a good idea of the languages which are disliked by the programmers, Stack Overflow has published a blog post.

While Stack Overflow already analyzed what technologies coders tend to dislike with the help of question vies and visits, the new results have been compiled using the preferences of developers while creating their Developer Story. For those who don’t know, Developer Story is an innovative way to create technical resumes.

What are the most disliked programming languages

During the process of creating a Developer Story, one needs to add that one would like to work with or would NOT like to work with. Using this data, Stack Overflow has examined the trend of the most disliked programming languages.

To measure the polarizing ability of each tag, the following method was used: “we’ll look at what fraction of the time it appears in someone’s Disliked tags compared to how often it appears in either someone’s Liked or Disliked tags.”

So, for example, 50% means that a tag was liked and disliked with equal frequency; 1% means that for each dislike, there were 99 others who liked that tag.

Now, let’s take a look at the 15 most disliked languages:

  1. Perl
  2. Delphi
  3. PHP
  4. VBA
  5. Objective-C
  6. CoffeeScript
  7. Ruby
  8. C#
  9. Java
  10. C++
  11. Haskell
  12. C
  13. F#
  14. Erlang
  15. Matlab

The 10 most liked programming languages are here:

  1. R
  2. Kotlin
  3. TypeScript
  4. Rust
  5. Bash
  6. Clojure
  7. Swift
  8. Python
  9. JavaScript
  10. Go

You can view the complete chart below:

most disliked programming languages
Source: Stack Overflow

It’s worth noting that the fastest growing programming languages are the ones which are most disliked, including R, Python, TypeScript, Go, and Rust. Following a similar trend, the most disliked languages are the fastest shrinking programming language tags on Stack Overflow.

Which programming language do you like the most? Let us know in the comment section below.

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