Dual OS Phone Running Android And Windows Is Coming Soon


Short Bytes: China-based OEM Coship, also known as Moly, is working on a dual OS smartphone. This phone will run work like dual OS laptops and allow you to choose between Windows 10 Mobile and Android during boot. While the exact release date and specification details of the upcoming phone are unknown, one can expect the launch by the end of this year.

While Windows Phone might be called a thing of the past, a Windows Phone OEM named Coship, also known as Moly, has confirmed that it’s planning something unique. The company is working to create a device that runs two operating systems.

This setup will be just like the dual-OS installation in computers. This means that you can select which operating system you wish to boot in. The operating systems being worked upon are Android and Windows 10 Mobile. For the Windows 10 Mobile lovers, it must be an exciting update.

For those who don’t know, Moly is a China-based OEM, who announced its partnership with Microsoft at Mobile World Congress 2015 trade show. Answering the dual OS rumor, Moly said, “yes, we are planning to launch a smartphone with dual OS, Windows 10 plus Android.”

It’s interesting to note that the upcoming release won’t be company’s first foray into the dual OS phones. Moly had produced CoShip 960 in 2014, which ran Android and Linux. That device allowed the users to switch between the operating systems at the press of the button.

Whatever might be the future of Microsoft’s Windows Phone division, it’ll be interesting to see this upcoming dual OS phone. While any release date and specifications of the device aren’t available, we can expect the device to hit the market by the end of this year.

What are your expectations from Microsoft’s Windows Phone? Share your views and become a part of the discussion.

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