Mojo’s Smart Contact Lenses Begin in-Eye Testing

Mojo's CEO tried on the lens.

Smart Contact Lenses
Image: Mojo

Smart lenses are now a reality, not science fiction. Yes, you have heard it right, as Mojo Lens company has begun in-eye testing for their smart contact lens. And to start off, the in-eye test was conducted by the company’s CEO, Drew Perkins.

The CEO wore the lens for an hour and shared his experience with the world. Currently, the company is conducting tests with a single lens in the initial testing stages. In the coming times, the company might introduce two lenses worn on both eyes.

Build and features of Mojo Smart Lens

The Mojo smart contact lens has a tiny MicroLED display along with an ARM processor. Besides this, the lens has a short-range custom wireless radio, gyroscope, magnetometer, and motion tracking by an accelerometer.

The setup worn by the CEO currently requires a special cap with a built-in antenna. The CEO also looked at an image of Einstein, which was rendered in green monochrome. He stated that the Monochrome “looked great”.

Image: Mojo Lens

Further, Perkins conducted a demo of the lens compass. In the demo, he was able to spin the compass 360 degrees and watch it pass through multiple cardinal points. In the early stages, the company is only planning to take baby steps and receive approval from the FDA.

The company will also conduct clinical studies for this product and give feedback regarding it. Mojo smart lens has an eye-controlled heads-up display that provides an experience of a monochromatic Google Glass-like interface. Along with the CEO, some other executives of the company also tried the product.

The company is planning to start testing the product with its executives by the end of this year. Also, the company is planning to optimize this product to give the users a comfortable wearing experience.

Perkins also affirmed that the product is in very early stages of development, and the later stages will focus on refining the lens to make it optimum for usage.



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