Want To See Through Walls? Now It’s Possible With MIT’s X-ray Vision Technology


mit-x-rayShort Bytes: The X-Ray vision will soon be a reality with the help of MIT Researchers. It will make you see through things and might help you control things just with a look. Read more to know about this technology. 

The X-Ray Vision, which was only witnessed in sci-fi movies, is about to come alive. The new technology is developed by a group of researchers from Massachusetts Institute of Technology, led by Professor Dina Katabi. The team has developed a software that uses variations in radio signals to figure out the human silhouettes through walls and helps to track their movements.

Dina Katabi and his team came into action back in 2012; they started by determining how wireless signals could be used to look through things.

The device displays the signals on a screen wherever the person’s movements can be tracked in real time as a red dot. These wireless signals not only notify about the motion of the person but they also configure the person’s breathing and heart rate. In fact, they identify the person based on their skeleton’s shape, according to researcher Zach Kabelac.

It makes the task of caretakers and health care applications even easier as the person targeted is not required to wear something and he or she might not even know about the device. For instance, some mishap takes place it will alert the caretaker. It also has certain possibilities in areas of military and law enforcement, particularly, in the case of hostage situations.

A company will be set up to administer the marketing of this device by the MIT Lab next year. It has been estimated that the marketing will roll out early in 2017 and the device is expected to retail for approx $250 to $300(roughly Rs. 16,500 to Rs. 20,000).

The team is currently working to make the device smaller and is on work to develop a user-friendly interface so that the device can be easily configured via a smartphone app. However, privacy rights are a major concern and it needs a lot of improvements.

Source: MIT

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