MIT’s Halloween Event Lets You Control A Human Being To Defeat An Evil AI

MIT Halloween event

MIT is famous for organizing events in October that are downright outrageous yet interesting for those who are interested in the disrupting technologies.

On this year’s Halloween, MIT is hosting an online social experiment by the name of “BeeMe” which is basically a “dystopian game” that allows you to control a real human being to defeat an evil artificial intelligence program.

The agenda behind the event, according to the organizers, is to fuel the debate about ethics, privacy, and social interactions.

According to the MIT’s official BeeMee page: “BeeMe is the first reality augmented game. In times where algorithms make most of our decisions for us, one individual will entirely give up their free will for a day, to be guided by a large crowd of users through an epic quest to defeat an evil AI.”

Niccolo Pescetelli, a student of collective intelligence at MIT Media Lab, discussed the project with the Business Insider in an email.

He said, “The event will follow the story of an evil AI by the name of Zookd, who has accidentally been released online. Internet users will have to coordinate at scale and collectively help the actor.”

Much details have not been revealed yet. However, as per the MIT’s posts about BeeMe on social media portals, it seems that the event draws inspiration from the famous TV series Black Mirror‘s Choose-your-own-adventure episode.

The human being who will be controlled will be a trained actor who will give up his free will and let internet users control his every action. The event organizers will put a limit on the commands that can be performed. The organizers will disallow commands that would violate laws.

Participants can control the actor either by submitting their commands in the web browser or by upvoting the commands on the event page. The latter would work just like Reddit, and the actor will perform the commands that will get most upvotes.

A rather spooky video trailer was also released on Twitter.

The event will be live streamed on the BeeMe’s website on Halloween’s night.

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