How Microsoft’s Smart Battery Systems Adapts To Your Usage

laptop charger
laptop charger

laptop charger

Short Bytes: Microsoft has come up with battery system that adapts to the usage of its user. It combines a couple of batteries to ensure the advantages of low weight, less volume etc. This innovative solution of moving the battery charging controller from hardware to the operating system, implementing machine learning, helps batteries optimize power deliveries.

Haven’t we all faced all those embarrassing situations where we are in the middle of delivering a presentation or about to finish an important work, and the laptop runs out of battery and we have to desperately search for a power adapter?

Laptop batteries have not been at par with the advances in the OS and other computing components. The huge variety of laptops come with the same kind of batteries which charge the device in the exact same manner.

So, where are we lagging behind?

Well, battery charging of a laptop is controlled by hardware. However, the hardware is not the only parameter contributing to the determination of usage of the battery. For instance: hardware, unlike software, cannot determine how to behave for different tasks- call for different battery usage. For example, viewing web pages may demand lesser battery usage than performing complex data analysis.

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So, what’s the solution?

Microsoft has come up with an innovative solution of moving the battery charging controller from hardware to the operating system, implementing machine learning.

What’s more is that Microsoft is also using different types of batteries to optimize power delivery in the research prototypes to ensure the combined advantages of low cost, less volume, light-weightedness etc. This innovative laptop battery system perfectly suits and adapts to the user’s way of working on the computer and thus ensures that they have the necessary power exactly when they need it.

We perhaps can be optimistic about the application of same in smartphones and cars as well.

Would you like to have the smartphones, which adapts itself according to your usage? Tell us in the comments below.

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