Microsoft’s ‘Sketch2Code’ Creates App UI From Your Sketches


There are times when innovation and great imagination strikes you at odd places where the best you can do is to jot down the idea on a piece of paper or napkin. In fact, several programmers roughly draft their ideas on a paper and then proceed to code. But what if your ideas can be transformed from that piece of paper to thousands of lines of code at once?

Microsoft’s latest project called ‘Sketch2Code‘ does exactly that.

This application lets developers draw rough wireframe sketches of UI on a paper and generates usable source code for a given design. It uses artificial intelligence and automation to identify the given drawings and develop code from it.

Microsoft Sktech2Code_1

The AI system behind this service has been trained with huge datasets of images to enable object detection for a wide range of types of objects. The model then generates HTML codes for different elements by identifying the positions of the elements and creates the final codes for the entire layout of the design.

As of now, it supports basic app visual elements such as images, labels, buttons, text fields, and text paragraphs. Hopefully, there would be more additions in the application that would make it easier to generate codes automatically for complex designs as well.

The best part about the application is that the code is extractable not just in HTML but also in XAML and UWP (Universal Windows Platform). So you can get the codes from scratch and use it any way to create your own applications.

This application is free and available to everyone so you can try out Sketch2Code right away on this website.

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