Microsoft’s Plan for Worldwide WiFi Service Leaks: Supports Windows, Android, Mac and iOS



What do you do when you are away from your carrier’s reach and can’t get the internet access? Or, what do you do when you travel internationally and your cellular service provider charges heavily for roaming? To counter these problems, Microsoft is soon going to launch a new service – Microsoft WiFi.

Microsoft has accidentally leaked its plan to launch a new service called Microsoft WiFi to connect the 10 million hotspots around the world. Microsoft WiFi is a partial re-branding of its old Skype WiFi service along with some additions.

Microsoft WiFi promises “hassle free internet around the world” by connecting 10 million hotspots spread across 130 countries.

A leaked page on was spotted yesterday and the website read: “Don’t waste time filling forms with personal information or managing different carriers to get connected. Sign in once and you are done: you will be automatically connected to a vast range of Wi-Fi hotspots around the world.”microsoft-wifi-website

The current Skype WiFi service is a similar pay-as-you-go service and allows you to connect to local WiFi hotspots and pay for the internet used using your Skype credit. The price charged is for the connection time and there isn’t any data limit.

So, it seems that Microsoft will retire Skype WiFi and launch the new Microsoft WiFi. But, here’s a little catch- this service will be available for Office 365 Enterprise subscribers. The previous Skype WiFi users and offers will be entertained but they won’t be able to pay for it using their Skype credit. It’s possible that the OS making company could introduce some direct payment mode or integrate it with its store.

As I’ve mentioned earlier, it is not just a re-branding of Skype WiFi – Microsoft WiFi is way bigger than that. While the older Skype WiFi claims to have access to more than 2 million WiFi hotspots across the world, Microsoft WiFi claims the access to more than 10 million WiFi hotspots.

Finally, let’s tell you a bit about its functionality. It will be cross-platform service with support for Windows 7, 8 and 10 PCs along with Android, Mac and iOS. Windows 10 will ship with this app already installed.

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