BIG NEWS!! Microsoft’s ‘Kinect’ Is Dead

Xbox Kinect is dead
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Kinect is some serious piece of technology which debuted with Xbox 360. But, certainly, the device couldn’t achieve the bright future that Microsoft had originally hoped. Probably, Microsoft wasn’t that successful in shaping Kinect as an alternative to hard-core gaming that revolves around gamepads.

Microsoft has stopped the production of the Kinect devices. However, the company will continue to support the existing Kinect devices and the ones sellers have in their stocks. The information was given to Fast Co.Design by Kinect daddy Alex Kipman and Xbox Marketing GM Matthew Lapsen.

In some sense, people saw this coming as Microsoft withdrew its focus from Kinect a while ago. But, this doesn’t mean Kinect didn’t taste the sauce named popularity; more than 35 million units were sold since its release in 2010. The release of the mighty Xbox One X is also an example of how Redmond wants to attract the gaming community and compete against Sony’s PlayStation.

An improved Kinect having facial recognition login and better motion tracking arrived with Xbox One in due course, Microsoft made it optional to purchase the device with the console.

Now, before you start feeling nostalgic about your Kinect, Microsoft isn’t killing it off altogether. Its core tech is being used in Microsoft Hololens, and it would find its home in other future products, meanwhile, the Kinect’s team makes it better and better.

Source: Co.Design via TechCrunch

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