Top 15 Microsoft Xbox E3 2019 New Games: List of All Titles Unveiled


Microsoft’s Xbox E3 2019 new Games have just been announced. The absence of Sony further made the Xbox conference way more special; as all the big AAA announcements were bound to happen on Microsoft’s stage.

Microsoft also announced the Gamepass ultimate for PC, which includes more than 100 Xbox titles for PC at no extra cost. The first month of the Xbox Gamepass Ultimate will cost $1 and will include the following:

  • Xbox Gamepass
  • Xbox Gold Live membership
  • Xbox Gamepass PC

Xbox E3 2019 New Games will be Playable on Project Scarlett

The upcoming Xbox Scarlett will feature 4k 60fps gameplay, SSD support and full backwards compatibility for all Xbox titles launched to date. So it is safe to say that every game announced on Xbox E3 2019 will be playable on the upcoming next-gen Xbox Scarlett as well.

The release date for Xbox Scarlett is Holidays 2020 and Halo Infinite is one of the launch titles for the upcoming console. In contrast, PlayStation 5 or the next generation PlayStation will only feature backwards compatibility with PS4 titles due to hardware issues.

Microsoft Xbox E3 2019 New Games Revealed

1. CyberPunk 2077 (Launch Date: April 16, 2020)

Starting with the big hitters, the Microsoft Xbox E3 2019 conference blew everyone away with a cinematic trailer for Cyberpunk 2077 featuring none other than the John Wick aka Keanu Reeves himself. It was probably the best-kept secret in the gaming industry ever. No one even had the slightest of the idea that a Hollywood star of the caliber of Keanu Reeves would be our partner in crime in CyberPunk 2077.

The John Wick star also made an appearance on stage full of enthusiasm as he revealed the launch date of CD Project Red’s next big installment to be April 16, 2020.

2. Halo Infinite (Launch Date: Holidays 2020)

After the disappointment Halo 5 was, the developer 343 Industries went back to the basics of what made the Halo series great. The trailer for Halo Infinite shows Master Chief waking up from being unconscious only to discover that the Halo Ring has been destroyed. What follows next is probably an action sequence. No gameplay was showcased during the event, however, a release window for the game has been announced.

Halo Infinite will likely be the launch title for Xbox Scarlett releasing around Holidays 2020.

3. Ori and the Will of the Wisps (Launch Date: Feb 11, 2020)

The sequel to the Ori and the Forest is a puzzle platformer Metroidvania-style 2-D action game. Ori and the Will of the Wisps feature a beautifully detailed art style coupled with amazing gameplay and a heart touching story. The first game of the series was heavily praised for its $19 price tag, intuitive and rewarding gameplay and for being an overall memorable experience.

Here’s to hoping that Ori and the Will of the Wisps, which comes out next year on Feb 11, do the same.

4. Age of Empires II Definitive Edition (Launch Date: Fall 2020)

The still massively popular strategy game, Age of Empires II is finally getting a definitive edition and it is coming on the Xbox Gamepass. However, this game won’t be coming on the Xbox console as it’ll only be available for PC. The new definitive version of the game will feature 4k textures, remastered audio and a brand new single-player campaign, The Last Khans. Among Microsoft Xbox E3 2019 new games, this is probably the most exciting one.

The Age of Empires Definitive Edition is coming in the fall of 2019.

5. Bleeding Edge (Alpha Release: June 27, 2019)

This game is the first announcement from the Developer Ninja Theory, which joined the Xbox Game Studios group last year. Bleeding Edge is a 4V4 competitive multiplayer game which features a number of different characters. The game will have a heavy emphasis on melee combat, according to its trailer. We expect the gameplay Bleeding Edge to be similar to Overwatch, only more gritty.

What really hypes this game for us is the involvement of Rahni Tucker, who is responsible for creating the fluid combat system of the DmC (Devil May Cry) released a few years ago. The Alpha for Bleeding Edge starts on June 27, 2019.

6. Blair Witch (Launch Date: August 30, 2019)

Developed by Bloober Team, the Blair Witch is an upcoming first-person psychological horror based on the storyline of the classic Blair Witch series. According to the cinematic trailer description, the Blair Witch studies the player’s reaction to “danger and stress.” The game is set in the late ’90s and features a protagonist who is supposed to be a professional detective or tracker of some sort, who is out on a mission to find and rescue Peter Shannon, a 9-year old boy who goes missing. Along the journey will be your faithful dog, probably to scour the area.

After watching the cinematic trailer, we are all ready to see what Blair Witch brings to the table when it finally launches on August 30, 2019.

7. Tales of Arise (Launch Date: 2020)

This JRPG action adventure game took fans by surprise due to its gorgeous art style. Tales of Arise will feature an open world to explore, monsters to fight, and bosses to conquer. The trailer shows two playable protagonists, a dual sword wielding boy and a pink haired girl with a ranged attack.

At first glance, the Tales of Arise looks really good and it will launch on the Xbox Store in 2020.

8. The Outer Worlds (Launch Date: October 25, 2019)

The Sci-Fi Action Adventure RPG from Obsidian Entertainment was one of the games at Xbox E3, which completely stole the show. The game looks like a cross between the Fallout series and RAGE 2. The game is an FPS shooter with a lot of stuff and missions spanning across several planets, moons, and space stations.

If you wish to know more about the details, check out this Interview of the Director of The game.

The Outer Worlds will be released on October 25, 2019.

9. SpirtFarer (Launch Date: 2020)

This game puts you in the shoes of Spirit Farer whose job is to take care of the deceased people’s spirit until they pass on into the afterlife. SpiritFarer features a boat in which the player upgrades over time and explores new Islands. The game’s central theme revolves around death and afterlife, so we have a hunch that it is going to be quite a tear jerker.

Spirit Farer will be launched in 2020.

10. Minecraft Dungeons (Launch Date: Spring 2020)

If you fuse Diablo with Minecraft, then you’ll get Minecraft Dungeon. It is an upcoming 4-player coop (local and online) dungeon crawler game. It is built using Minecraft textures only, however, it is a brand new game. The game features inventory management and a gear system, and will probably feature different character classes as well.

Minecraft Dungeon launches in 2020 Spring.

11. Wasteland 3 (Launch Date: TBA)

More than 100 years after the events of Wasteland 2, the third game in the series begins its journey. Wasteland 3, developed by Interplay Interactive, is an isometric turn-based RPG game. It allows the player to control a group of Rangers who are on a mission to rescue Colorado by fighting a bunch of bad guys. The story is simple enough and it’d be exciting to see how this new game ties into the existing lore.

No release date for Wasteland 3 has been announced yet.

12: Microsoft Flight Simulator (Launch Date: TBA)

This new flight simulator from Microsoft is unlike any other as it utilizes Satellite data and Azure AI datacentres to bring an ultra-real flying experience. Only a cinematic trailer for the Microsoft Flight Simulator was shown, however, the scale of the game seems to be massive. A number of planes including Airbus 320, stunt planes, and several old-designed planes were featured in the trailer.

Microsoft Flight Simulator will be released on Xbox One, however, no release date has been announced yet.

13: Gears 5 (Launch Date: September 10, 2019)

This game was revealed last year at E3 and a new multiplayer mode was introduced for its in this year’s conference. The ‘Escape’ mode features up to 3 players whose job is to successfully plant a bomb in a hive and blow it. The launch date for the Gears 5 along with a cinematic trailer was also released.

Gears 5 launches on September 10, 2019

14: Dragon Ball Z Kakarot (Launch Date: Early 2020)

To put it simply, the Players will be able to relive the iconic Dragon Ball Z saga by playing the upcoming Dragon Ball Z Kakarot game. Previously known as Dragon Ball Project Z, the Kakarot brings the story of Goku to videogames. It is not exactly known how many playable characters will be available alongside Goku but the game promises the recreation of iconic fights like Goku vs Frieza and Goku vs Vegeta.

Dragon Ball Z Kakarot will hit the shelves in early 2020.

15. Elden Ring (Launch Date: TBA)

Made from collaborations with Software and New York Times best-selling author George R.R. Martin, the Eldin Ring is mysterious, to say the least. The announcement trailer for the Elden Ring features a very Soul’s-like vibe, however, any information regarding gameplay, character or story is not yet available. The description of Elden Ring reads that it is the biggest game from Elden Ring till date.

Microsoft has not released a release date for the Elden Ring but will most likely be released on the Xbox One and next-generation Xbox Scarlett Console.

Microsoft Xbox E3 2019 New Games

A number of other titles were also announced at the Xbox E3 Conference, here is the complete list of all of them:

  • Battletoads – TBA
  • Legend of Wright – TBA
  • Psychonauts – TBA
  • Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga – 2020
  • 12 Minutes – TBA
  • Way to the Woods – TBA
  • Dying Light 2 – 2020
  • Forza Horizon 4 Lego Speed Champions Expansion – 13 June 2019
  • State of Decay Heartland – Available Now
  • Phantasy Star Online 2 – Spring 2020 US release date
  • Crossfire X – 2020 Xbox Release
  • Borderlands 3 – 13 Sept 2019
  • Gears Pop! – TBA

Players can also expect new games to surface as December 2020 nears. Microsoft Xbox E3 2019 new games were a blast, to say the least. The company also announced that all Xbox titles released to date will be backward compatible with next-gen Xbox Scarlett. Do let us know in the comments which game you are most excited about.

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